Getting stuck inside or outside your home is a frustrating experience. You have no other way but to contact a locksmith, which can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. The only solution to avoid this inconvenience in the future is to keep a spare key for yourself.

Creating an Extra Key

Forming a spare key is relatively easy; all you need to do is contact an expert in key cutting in Belfast. They can design the key according to the exact dimensions of the original one. This will reduce your chance of getting locked in or out and save you time and resources.

Benefits of Having a Spare Key

Below, you can find a detailed take on the convenience of having a spare key. For security and efficiency, it is advisable to communicate with a well-experienced key cutting professional.

  • Save the Cost of an Emergency Locksmith:

    Hiring an emergency locksmith can be costly, especially if you call them during off hours. To avoid a toll on your pocket, you should keep a spare key.

  • Reduced Chances of Getting Stranded:

    Whether you lose the keys or leave them at home, a spare key can help you enter your car or home. This reduces the overall frustration of getting stranded and saves you a lot of time and money.

  • Avoid Towing Charges:

    You may incur this cost if you get locked in or out of your car. You may require calling a tow lorry, which can be hefty for your wallet. They may charge you extra for remote pick-up or off-hours duties, much like emergency locksmiths.

  • Give Access to Family Members:

    Giving your family access to home when you are away can be challenging. A spare key can help in the instances of an emergency.

As you can see, keeping a spare key handy can help you navigate various challenging situations. You should call a reliable key cutting specialist to create a spare key without compromising your home security. Get in touch with All Purpose Locks, a local source for key cutting in Belfast. Bank your trust in a 70-year-old establishment with expert locksmiths. For more details, you can visit our website today.